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“Can You Imagine Your Prospects Watching Your Video Review Commercial and

Immediately Picking Up Their Phone To Call You?”

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Here is a new online marketing strategy that will position your local business as a market leader and help you get more customers, clients, or patients.

Let’s face it, the problem many local businesses struggle with – Search Engine Optimization, Branding, Social Media and Reputation Marketing – these strategies can be expensive, time consuming, BUT that’s about to change.

We’ve cracked the code helping businesses like yours dominate your local market by creating what we call a Review Commercial and ranking that video on Page One of Google. So when every a potential customer searches “your type of business” in “your location” your business stands out as the market leader and the company with the best reputation. As we all know customers want to do business with the most reputable companies.

What is a Video Review Commercial?

It’s a 45 – 60 second professionally produced online commercial that promotes your reputation ahead of your competition, because we leverage the power of  SEO, Social Media, Branding, and Reputation Marketing all into a review commercial that we produce for you.

Our focus group testing showed that after watching a Video Review Commercial, 70% of viewers said they would pick up the phone and call your business. And over 65% that watched a review commercial said they would refer your business to a friend or someone they knew.

Because we are in beta testing in doing these for small businesses now, we have a special offer where we will pick up  a majority of the review commercial production costs. During our beta period we are only charging $297 to produce a commercial and rank that commercial on Page One of Google, in exchange for feedback on the commercial and the customer acquisition strategy it is apart of.

We start by filming in our movie studio, with our professional spokes models on a Hollywood style green screen so we can instantly drop our spokes model into your office. We then create an on location scene showing a potential customer reading your 5 star reviews and then brand the entire commercial with prime time graphics and animation that positions you as the market leader.

Ordinarily, to produce a commercial like this you would need:

• A Hollywood Style Studio
• Green Screen Room
• Professional Cameraman
• Lighting Coordinator
• Professionally Trained Spokes Model
• Make-up artist
• Commercial Editor and Graphics animation Director

In most cases this would easily cost over $3000, to produce, but we don’t stop there. After we produce and brand your Video Review Commercial our team of experts SEO optimizes it to rank in Google, and then we broadcast it to multiple social media and video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to position you in front of your customers and prospects ahead of your competition.

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