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1. What is the cost

  • Our beta period will end in 28 days. During our beta period we are are covering all the production costs.  After the beta period this Expert Interview service will start at $2000.

2.  What is the length of time this will run on Google+?

  • It will continue to run until it is deleted. 

3. Can the video be used on your company website?

  • Yes

4. Can the video be posted on company social media?

  • Yes

5. How long is the expert interview segment?

  • The live interview segments are between 4-7 minutes long. We usually cover three main points during our interviews. These three points are the main ones that stand out as to what someone should be looking for online when looking for a (your business type)
    • Check out the companies reputation: Reviews on sites like Google or InsiderPages
    • Expertise and Experience: How long they have been in business, are they experts in the specific problem or need
    • Quality Of Service:  Do  they listen, Follow Up, Make you feel comfortable?

6. How does the segment get filmed

  •  The Expert Interview is filmed via webcam in our studio and in your office.

7. What type of preparation is necessary?

  • Our Expert Interview training video must be watched

8. What type of time commitment is necessary?’

  • Approximately two hours

9. Google+ Expert Interview vs. TV Commercial

  • An Expert Interview on Google+ is a powerful addition to a dental practices video marketing which includes TV.Here are some of the primary differences between the branding power of TV and an Expert Branding Video appearing online.
    • Cost – The return on investment from the Expert Video is higher for several reasons:
      • The upfront investment is less. For TV producing a commercial starts at $2500 and up.
      • The cost for each broadcast is significantly less. Each 30 second local TV spot runs between $400-$1500 for 30 seconds. There are no additional broadcast costs when the Expert Interview is viewed.
      • With the Expert Interview on Google, a dental practice is able to reach a potential new patient at the exact moment they are thinking of finding a dentist. For example someone decides they need to improve their smile … so they go to Google and type “Cosmetic Dentist.” Google will then deliver its local search listings. You can see an example of that below. So at that moment a dental practice is able to be branded as the market leader and stand out from their competition with an Expert Video Interview and generate a phone call from that potential new patient.
      • Example
      • image003


11. How long does the interview run on Google+/Youtube

  • The Expert Interview will run as long as it is being found in the local search results, your website or social media.